Are you seeking change?

Whether you are seeking relief from
challenging emotions, experiences, addictions or behaviours,
through quality therapy, change is possible.

What to Expect

Reaching out for help can sometimes be a challenging first step to take.

As a Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Gestalt Therapist in private practice since 1999, I have experience with this first step of seeking help. My approach is, from the beginning, compassionate, respectful and straightforward.

The Beginning

We begin with an initial no-fee ½ hour consultation. This gives me a chance to understand the changes you are seeking, and you a chance to discover whether I am the right therapist for you.

The Process

We start the process by getting an accurate picture of you in your life. Where do you stumble? How are you stuck? What isn’t working for you? What would you like to change and how would you like to grow?

Once identifying these issues, we work together to help you develop new perspectives and understanding on your old problems and struggles. With this deeper understanding you can start to choose what to let go of and what to change.

The Results

The benefits of this psychotherapy process can be:

  • A greater trust and confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • A deeper capacity to connect to your feelings
  • A strenthened ability to step back from unwanted behaviours and unnecessary suffering
  • A greater sense of feeling more authentic, alive and engaged in your life
  • A strengthened ability to relate to others and create more satisfying relationships
  • New tools and skills for living and coping with challenging times

Deborah Weiler

Deborah Weiler

Registered Psychotherapist
and Certified Gestalt Therapist in Toronto